About Us

At Sevil Smile Dental Clinic we offer the latest cutting edge dental care for all. Dentist Sevil Pekmzeci has a wealth of experience in all aspects of general, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.      

We have been open now for 8 years and have over 7,000 UK & European clients who have received treatment at our clinic. The reason we can complete smile makeovers in 1 week is due to our fantastic team. Our dentists on a daily basis are completing complete smile makeovers. Our technical team who make the porcelain & zirconium can produce crowns and veneers in less than 3 days. This makes 1 week Total Smile Make Overs Possible in our clinic. Please take a look at our portfolio.

We believe in the best possible care and treatment for all and this is what our great reputation is built upon. Discussing pros and cons honestly with you to ensure that you feel happy and confident about all treatments available in our friendly welcoming clinic.

Nothing is as fulfilling and more satisfying than the feeling of confidence and vitality behind a healthy white smile. Whether you are an experienced professional, looking to refresh your image, a young student wanting to express your self, or your at an important time in your life and just wanting to renew the new you. Our dental solutions will suit your needs and expectations.

At Sevil Smile Dental Clinic we continually evaluate the latest dental technology to give our patient’s leading edge treatments backed up by a strong evidence base. During your dental examination we will use cameras to show you your teeth in detailed close up on our flat screen monitors so that you can see what we see.

Our Dentists speak fluent English offering smooth communication with you and the application of world standard technologies and processes used in our dental treatments ensure your satisfaction. Service enabling them to spend time with each patient to discuss individual needs in detail and advise upon the options available. We put you in control of your treatment by offering the advice and information necessary for you to make a fully informed decision on the correct treatment for you.